Under Construction

Slowly but surely I am climbing out of construction purgatory. “Under construction” is quite literal as the home I bought turned into more of a project than anticipated. Thank the lord I am not going at this alone and my boyfriend turns out to be quite the handyman/Google researcher! To add to the madness, I decided to put my house on the market while under construction -clearly I am off my rocker! The kitchen at the new house, we call her Lizzy, was supposed to be a “down the road” project. Well, it was all the drywalls fault and shitty 60 cabinets. So IKEA kitchen planner and I are becoming fast frenemies! As a Swede myself, even I can say…wtf?!?!

Kitchen(above) pre-demo

The above was the original stove!

Kitchen post demo

Now the exciting part of all of this are the new appliances! How do you know you’re adulting?! You ask your love for a 5 burner gas range with a double oven for your birthday/Christmas present! Eeekkksss I am so excited!

I have eaten so much pizza, chic fil-a, and pre-made trader joes salads that I am giddy for the day I can cook an actual meal!

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